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Beaches of Budva’s Riviera –
The real gem of Adriatic

Legendary English romantic poet Lord Byron once described a region this way: ‘At the birth of the planet the most beautiful encounter between land and sea must have been on the Montenegrin coast’. This is a testament to the country’s striking beauty, which is no doubt one of the primary reasons why it attracts millions of visitors.

The beaches of Budva’s Riviera are real gems in that crown jewel of nature. Spread from far west Ploče to the farthest Buljarica at the south-east border with Bar municipality, there are much of a choice for everyone’s taste.

Let’s start our tour of town beaches. Mogren is the most known and popular among locals as well as tourists. Located 300m west from Old town and accessible only by walk via narrow pedestrian way starts from Avala hotel and very end of the Ričardova glava (Richard’s head)beach. The way is picturesque with a couple of viewpoints toward Old town walls and Saint Nikola island. Well known Budva’s landmark, a statue of a ballerina is on this way, too.

Mogren beach consists of two separate sandy beaches joined by a small cave-like passage through a high rock. First part is 170m long with an area around 3800 sqm. The second is 180m long with an area around 3000 sqm. South to south-east heading makes them perfect for morning and midday visit. For those who love Sun, all day long, a recommendation is to find some other place after midafternoon. Position under high ridges and south heading makes Mogren beach sunless after 4 PM. There are a couple of café-bars and restaurant for refreshments and meals. Framed by layered cliffs and lush vegetation from the shore and amazing shades of the blue and green sea, Mogren beach is a little piece of heaven. Enjoyment and relaxation are guaranteed on golden sand with sips of ice coffee and swimming in crystal clear Adriatic.

Jaz beach is located 5 km west from the city of Budva, panoramically seen from the road to Tivat and El Ray cafe looks spectacular in all blue waters and wide valley behind. With an area of almost 50000 sqm and length of 1.4 km, this is one of the most visited beaches in whole Montenegro coast. The place is well known by Sea Dance Festival which takes place in mid-July and gathers tens of thousands of boogying merrymakers. Madonna and Rolling Stones had their concerts here, too. The popular tourist guide LonelyPlanet put Jaz in top 10 Europe beaches. Parts of Jaz beach nearer to Budva are less crowded. At the very end, there is a part called Malaya Beach, a place for adventurers packed between rocks with a cozy little restaurant under the shades of palm leaves.

Kamenovo beach is around 7 km east of the city. Accessible by car (large parking area), by walk (walking lane from Budva) or by taxi boats, this 14000 sqm with small pebbles and sand is around 350m long. The beach is flat, there are no dips when entering the water so it suits people who visit with children. The water is clear and rather warm. Next best thing about it is that there are no residential areas nearby on the coast, so even in high season, it is not very crowded. Like the other beaches in Montenegro, Kamenovo has an area with rental beds and umbrellas and a free area with fresh water showers, changing rooms and safety buoys. You can rent a water trike or a speed boat. For children, there is a small playground. Few restaurants and cafes are here so you can order drinks from your sun bed. Seafood is on the menus and you can always have freshly caught fish on a plate. Since the beach heading west the sunsets are very beautiful to catch from here.

Sveti Nikola (Saint Nicola island), locally known as Hawaii, is Montenegro’s largest, whale looking island, stretching to nearly 2km. Mostly wild with dense vegetation this green spot in the middle of the sea and Budva bay is home for deer. Northern shores, closest to the city are all in white pebble beaches, not very crowded and perfect for a daily escape from the town’s throng. It’s only 1.4 km away which takes 10 minutes to ride by taxi boat to get there. There are almost 12000 sqm area and 400m length of the beach in that part of the island. A restaurant under the shades of pines offer refreshments and some of the popular local meals. Tiny church of Saint Nicolas is just beside the restaurant and the beach. It dates to at least the 16th century. For more adventure spirited there are a couple of beaches on the west side of the island, just under the stiff ridge, heading to open sea. These are the real enjoyment for those who love to hear nothing but the sound of the sea.

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Very nice and informative. Will be helpful in July when we come to Altezza17 🙂

Thank you 🙂 I am glad you liked it. Have a wonderful time at Altezza17 and Budva!

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